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Why everybody is talking about TreeTops Central Coast?-Central Coast

TreeTops Central Coast is located in the Ourimbah State Forest in Wyong Creek, New South Wales, Australia. Its aim is to allow people to have the most fun in nature. At the same time, it wants to do so while keeping the impact on the environment minimal. You’ll be able to climb, zipline, bounce & swing through the treetops! 

It has 4 amazing attractions that will give you a unique combination of adventure and fun. And it’s open to all age groups. All the activities also have a fee if you’re doing them. But there’s no charge for spectators, parents or supervisors.

The 4 attractions are Adventure ParkCrazy Rider, NetWorld and Vertical Challenges.

TreeTop Adventure Park

The TreeTop Adventure Park is a high rope course up in the treetops, where you move from tree to tree on suspension bridges and enjoy many challenges of varying difficulty. The course is divided into 2 sections, the child courses for children under 9 years old and the junior to adult courses for anyone above 9 years old. The sections are separated into smaller courses, each colour graded according to the difficulty level. This is meant to allow participants to progress safely, at their own rhythm.

You can also encounter other endemic Australian wildlife creatures and beautiful Gum trees while climbing, weaving and flying through the treetops on the rope courses. During the course, an instructor will be present to guide you through each course.  

Before attempting any course though, you must follow a safety training session which is led by a qualified instructor. The training session begins at the booking time you’ve specified.

TreeTop Crazy Rider

Crazy Rider is Australia’s first tree-based rollercoaster zipline and the world’s longest one. Swoop, twist and zigzag through the trees. 

You’ll be able to choose between 2 zipline courses which are both accessible for a wide range of ages and abilities, including people in wheelchairs. 

The Crazy Rider Xtreme is a 1 km long zipline darting through the Ourimbah State Forest through many corners and 360 degree turns. 

The Crazy Rider Pioneer, on the other hand, is a 330m long adventure filled with dips and twists.

For even more fun, try the Crazy Rider Combo which is the Xtreme and Pioneer courses combined.

TreeTop NetWorld

NetWorld is an obstacle course and a vast network of netted-bouncy spaces, ball pits with gigantic inflatable balls and bridges. It welcomes people of all ages, even as young as one year old. It’s a dynamic fusion of play and discovery suspended at 5 metres above the ground. You’ll experience gravity and the joy of heights as you’ve never done before while exploring its 7 interconnected “rooms” and 5 tree houses. It’s open 7 days a week.

Tree Top Vertical Challenges

In the Vertical Challenges, you’ll be climbing a Eucalyptus tree in a fun and safe way. Anyone over 5 years old can enjoy attempting the various challenges, including a zigzag ladder and climbing walls. The TreeTop Vertical Challenges consist of 3 different levels, each designed for children and adults alike. These challenges will test the strength of both your mind and body. And this attraction is open in all weather conditions. Training and safety equipment is provided on-site by a professional tree climber.

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