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How to repair a hole in Gyprock wall? Hire Central Coast Local Plasterer

How to patch up a hole on gyprock wallYour home is your last refuge. It’s a haven where you spend some of your most precious moments. That is why you would want it to be in tip-top shape. If your gyprock walls are falling off or have some holes in them and need of some urgent patch up work, you have just landed at the right spot. We specialize in professional gyprock plaster repair services. We use our specialized techniques, tools and materials to restore your walls and ceilings to their former glory.
We handle all kinds of gyprock damages on your plasterboards, including water damage, damaged cornices, cracks and holes on plasterboards or sagging ceilings. We do both wall and ceiling gyprock repair. Call us today and let’s impress you with our professionalism, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence when it comes to gyprock patches. We can do everything from a rapid gyprock patch to more elaborate repairs and replacements on your damaged or worn out walls.
We handle projects of all sizes, whether small, medium-sized or big. We also work in domestic, residential and commercial plaster repair projects. If you are doing major construction or renovation projects, we’d be eager to work with you as subcontractors.
Call us today for all your gyprock patch up renovations. We know how to fix holes in walls, add gyprock topcoat or perform flawless drywall repair. We can restore your property to its former glory no matter the scale of the deterioration. At Central Coast Plasterers, our team can also add some new improvements to your spaces to create a smooth, impeccable and luxurious look without costing you a fortune.


    Our Plasterboard Repair and Patch up Services:

    Gyprock Repairs Small Holes

    Our specialists can fill holes in plasterboard with the highest quality standards. We do this by enlarging the small holes to make them rectangular and then fitting a square gyprock patch of the same size and shape into the hole. We then screw the piece into place and apply tape and layers of plaster mudding. Finally, we sand it and smooth to give it a perfect look that will make the gyprock patches completely unnoticeable. You can count on our outstanding craft to bring out delicate and sound results when it comes to patching plasterboard. Let us repair the small holes on your drywall and return it to its pristine shape.

    Small hole gyprock wall patching

    Plasterboard Wall and Ceiling Crack Repairs

    Cracks can ruin the look of your plasterboard ceiling and walls, and they are generally difficult to repair. However, to our team, repairing gyprock cracks is a walk in the park. We can begin by diagnosing the sources of the cracks before we apply an appropriate and durable solution that will fix the existing cracks and prevent a re-occurrence on the plasterboard surface.

    Plasterboard Wall and Ceiling Large Holes

    Our team knows how to fix holes in walls. If large ugly holes on your gyprock board are ruining the look in your spaces, let us patch it for you promptly with the high-quality quality that we are known for. We can cut out the hole and screw in a new gyprock bit to the wooden or metal stud or simply replace the entire gyprock sheet depending on the size of the hole. We can also repair and re-apply the cornices when we fix the damage on the plasterboard.

    Large hole on a gyprock wall in a house

    Gyprock Cornices Repairs by Central Coast Plasterer

    Are your cornices damaged from water leaks? Have you recently done replacements on or moved your range hood from its previous position? No matter the type of damage on your cornices, you can count on us to offer cornices repairs and restoration services with quality workmanship. We can handle a diverse array of cornice repairs, including heritage cornice repairs, plaster cornices or repairing cornices that have the latest designs. Give us a call today for professional restoration services. If the damage is extensive, we can also replace the entire cornices in the room at an affordable price. Our team can match the existing cornice designs or undertake new cornice installations depending on your preferences.

    Repairing Bulging Gyprock Walls and Ceilings

    Bulging gyprock walls create hideous looking surfaces. The bulging can occur when previous repairs were not done in the right way. It can also be caused by incorrect screwing of the drywall installation to the wall frame, water damage, the settling of the house or if the gyprock sheets have been fixed in place too close together. Our expertise, experience and quality craft in gyprock repairs and patches ensure that you don’t have to struggle with this anymore. We use the right tools, measurements and materials to offer high-quality gyprock lining and plaster repair that will correct your bulging gyprock wall or ceiling.

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