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Terrigal Beach: Another Source of Heaven!-Central Coast

Terrigal Beach is located in the Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia. It has long been a popular holiday destination for both local and foreign holidaymakers. Part of its popularity comes from the fact that it is surrounded by a nature reserve, a shopping centre and a hotel resort. It’s also a very good fishing area, making it also a popular destination for fishermen. 

How clean is the water?

According to the Beachwatch Program which monitors the quality of the beachwater for the whole Central Coast, Terrigal Beach’s water quality is considered good and therefore safe for swimming. Throughout the swimming season, the water quality is determined by collecting and testing samples for certain bacteria once a week. Outside of the season, the sampling is carried out monthly.

How safe is Terrigal Beach?

Terrigal Beach is dominated by active and usually strong rips, mostly to the north of the surf club. This can be quite dangerous if you’re not careful, even with lifeguards patrolling regularly. Knowing that, you won’t be surprised if I tell you that Terrigal Beach is much more popular for swimmers when the waves are lower. Low waves mean weaker rips and therefore safer swimming. And you’ll often find a sand bar attached with only the small rips. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t swim at all when the waves are higher. But you’ll find it best to do so between the red and yellow flags.

When are the beaches patrolled?

During the swimming season, there are peak times and non-peak times. And based on the different holiday periods, patrol times will be slightly different. From September to December and then from January to April, Terrigal Beach is patrolled from 9 am to 5 pm. But during the peak period from December to January, the beach is patrolled from 8 am to 6 pm. The Professional Central Coast Council lifeguards patrol the beach on weekdays The Surf Life Saving volunteers patrol the beach on weekends and on public holidays.

What does Terrigal Beach have to offer?

A variety of fish

Terrigal Beach offers very good beach fishing most of the time thanks to the good beach gutters. The beach and lagoon mouths are most commonly fished for tailor, salmon, whiting and bream. And if you’re lucky, you can even encounter other species such as flathead, jewfish, silver trevally and whaler sharks. The best time to fish at Terrigal Beach is from January to August, which in Australia means from mid-summer to late winter. But if you’re not catching anything, you can try at the neighbouring beaches Wamberal Beach or Forresters Beach. These are also good fishing spots.

Small waves for beginners

Terrigal Beach has the advantage, unlike its neighbours, to be sheltered from the south swells. It only offers waves between 1 and 3 feet daily. This is actually perfect for beginners, young children or anyone hesitant to surf in more challenging and potentially dangerous conditions. 

Facilities to enjoy the beach more

At Terrigal Beach, you’ll find a few facilities to enjoy:

  • Picnic areas with grassed and covered picnic tables
  • Lots of parking space
  • Special wheelchairs for disabled people to move on sand and water available upon booking. 

For more fun and facilities, go to the southern end of the beach called Terrigal Haven. It’s a protected boat harbour and is safe for scuba diving and snorkelling. Electric barbecues are also available for free.

Parking space 

Terrigal Beach is readily accessible at the surf club thanks to its large car park. The Wamberal Lagoon Nature Reserve next to the beach has a parking lot which allows both its visitors and beachgoers, to park their vehicles. You also have a shopping centre and a large resort that backs the southern half of the beach. So clearly, you’re not going to lack parking space.


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