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Brisbane Water National Park-Central Coast

Enjoy the natural surroundings and commune with nature in the Brisbane Water National Park. It is located in the Central Coast region of New South Wales, just 47 kilometers away from Sydney. This protected national park covers around 28,530 acres that offer excellent cycling, walking, and fishing opportunities. 

The Brisbane Water National Park is a sanctuary for different animals and plants, including colourful spring wildflowers. The park is also the location of several protected ancient Aboriginal engravings. Visitors can enjoy great scenic views from the park’s different lookout locations. 

Great North Walk in the Brisbane Water National Park

The Brisbane Water National Park section of the Great North Walk has a length of about 4.2 km to 34 km one way and will last 1 to 3 days, depending on the distance you want to walk. It is a part of a longer bushwalking trail totaling 250 km that passes through several national parks, from Sidney to Newcastle. 

Hikers of all ages can choose among its different sections, distance, and level of difficulty. Visitors looking for a more relaxing walk can start with the 3 km Patonga to Pearl beach section. For a more challenging destination, hikers can try the 30 km Patonga to Mooney Mooney Creek Campground route. 

You can spend a few days on the trail, and bring your camping equipment. But whatever route of the trail visitors chooses, they will be rewarded with magnificent views, incredible landscape, and native birds and wildlife sounds. 

Somersby Falls picnic area 

Enjoy a picnic with family and friends amidst the sound of flowing water of the Somersby Falls. Have a barbecue and set-up the picnic tables, and enjoy a great meal while looking at the magnificent view of the rainforest and sound of birds and wildlife. Have a close encounter with brush turkeys who frequently visit the picnic area. 

You can enjoy the 500 meter Somersby Falls walking track, which passes through the rainforest, and watch your step as you walk into steep and slippery areas. Adults and kids alike will enjoy the sense of adventure that Somersby Falls brings to visitors. 

Tommos loop and Rocky Ponds cycling loop

The Tommos loop and Rocky Ponds cycling loop gives mountain biking enthusiasts an adrenalin rush through its 20 km bushland biking trail that passes the scenic Central Coast. Bikers can choose to have a more leisurely ride or blaze through the mountain trail which starts opposite Staples lookout and heads toward the ridge. 

Beginners and older kids can try the Tommos loop trail, which is more accessible than the Rocky Ponds trail. For both trails, it’s recommended to wear safety gear and helmets. Bring protection from the sun and plenty of water. 

Patonga to Pearl Beach walking track

Enjoy a scenic but moderately challenging hike of the Patonga to Pearl Beach walking track. Enjoy the walk into Brisbane Water National Park’s red gums and eucalypts. This trail is excellent if you love the shore since the walk starts and begins on a beach, which gives visitors a chance to have a quick swim or fishing. It also offers excellent views of the Pacific Ocean and the Hawkesbury River. 

Bulgandry Art Site Aboriginal Place

Marvel at the 200 years old engravings in the Bulgandry Art Site Aboriginal Place in Brisbane National Park. This Aboriginal rock art offers a glimpse of the culture and lifestyle of ancient Indigenous people that lived in the area. Look for engravings of a dolphin, fish, wallabies, bird, and canoe. 

Admire the stunning bush surroundings and find stone tools sharpening grooves. Please make sure to visit the site with reverence since it is a sacred and important site for the local Aboriginal community.

The Warrah lookout

Enjoy magnificent views of the Hawkesbury River and Broken Bay in the Warrah lookout. Listen to the crashing waves and sound of rustling eucalyptus trees as they move from the wind. Don’t forget to look for waratahs, a fiery-red flower that is found in the area. This flower is the state emblem of New South Wales. The lookout is just a few minutes from the carpark. 


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