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Australian Reptile Park-Central Coast

Enjoy a day of adventure, exciting activities, a close encounter with Australia’s unique wildlife, and family bonding. The Australian Reptile Park is a 60 minutes drive from Sydney or Newcastle. Visitors can see a hands-on encounter of different exotic retiles in the natural bush surroundings on the Central Coast of New South Whales. 

Families can have a great time in Australia’s award-winning Australian Reptile Park and close to other local wildlife like koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, dingos, and komodo dragons. There are a large playground and a lot of interactive exhibits that kids and adults can enjoy. These interactive exhibits include Spider World, Lost World of Reptiles, Platypus House, and Frog Hollow. 

Australian Reptile Park is also the center for the venom milking program that supplies various venom use for snake and funnel-web anti-venum. This program has been saving 300 people a year in Australia. 

Visitors can also enjoy a picnic and use the barbecue facilities in the Australian Reptile Park. They can also buy a wide selection of food in the cafe and enjoy the unique ambiance surrounded by different animals in the park 

Animal Encounters and Behind the Scene Encounters

The Animal Encounters in Australia’s Reptile Park is an excellent opportunity to have a personal and up-close encounter with some of the Reptile Park’s animal attractions. The new feature takes visitors to an 80-minutes behind the scene encounter that gives visitors a chance to go inside enclosures and have one kind of meeting with them. Get to see the tree kangaroos, koala joeys, Tasmanian devil joeys, Fred and Adina the dingoes, and venom room experience. 

Make sure to book in advance online for both the Animal Encounter and Behind the Scenes Encounters. Please note that wearing long pants and proper footwear is recommended to avoid scratches. Visitors are also asked to avoid wearing bright colors such as orange, yellow, green, and others during their encounter with the komodo dragon. 

Visitors should also be ready with the warm temperature inside the komodo dragon exposure since the enclosure has a controlled temperature of 30 degrees Celcius. Visitors are recommended to contact the Australian Reptile Park for schedules, bookings, and tickets for the Animal Encounters and Behind the Scene Encounters. 

Be a Zookeeper for a Day

The Australian Reptile Park offers unique programs for visitors of all ages. Guest can become a zookeeper for a day and know how to handle and take care of different animals in the reptile park. They have programs designed for both kids and adults. 

The “Mini Kids 2 Keeper” is both a hands-on and educational program for kids from 3-6 years old and will let them use their five senses. The kids will have a close encounter with different reptiles and koalas, bird feeding, kangaroo feeding, and playing with tortoises. 

The “Little Kids 2 Keeper” and “Big Kids 2 Keeper” caters to kids from 7-18 years old. It offers behind-the-scenes access to the daily duties and activities of a zookeeper, including how to handle animals and study their behavior. The program includes a bushwalk, exclusive spider milking show, turtle feeding, reptile handling, and tawny frogmouth feeding. 

Visitors are recommended to contact the Australian Reptile Park for schedules, bookings, and tickets for the Zookeeper for a Day program. 

Snake Safety Awareness Seminars

The Australian Reptile Park also offers visitors a Safety Awareness Program that trains and advises the local community on preventing injuries and untoward incidents with Australia’s venomous species.

The program is presented by Craig Adams, an expert in his field and highly trained in snake identification and emergency techniques for bites. Craig is also a participant in different field scientific field expeditions to Australia’s remote areas to collect endangered snakes species for research. 

The 2-3 hours Snake Safety Awareness seminars will be discussing habitats, behaviours, camouflage techniques, disturbance, and defensive responses of snakes. He will also talk about essential topics such as what to do if confronted & bitten by a snake and first aid techniques for emergencies. 

Australian Reptile Park Kid’s Party

Australian Reptile Park also offers birthday parties for kids, including wildlife shows, bushland picnic settings, and children’s playgrounds. The kids will have an opportunity to have an up-close encounter with animals such as kangaroo, koala, reptiles, Galapagos turtles, and other zoo animals. 

They can also have a 1.5 hours personalized tour of the zoo with one of the keepers. There are several party packs to choose from, and guests should contact the park to book a schedule. 

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