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Plasterer Newcastle – Plastering Contractor Company

Are you putting up a new building or do you plan to renovate your old one? Plasterer Newcastle is the best company to reach out to. We offer the best plastering services across Australia. Our professionals offer well-apprenticed plasterers services across the region. As licenced plasterers, we offer commercial plastering services as well as domestic plastering. We use top quality materials. We fulfil your plastering needs.

Your Local Plasterer in Newcastle

We progressively train our team of Plasterers well for their work, and quality defines anything we touch. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate motto. Our expert will also give you the best advice and help you make pertinent decisions regarding what you want to do with your space.

Plaster Wall Repair

There is a common saying, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. Ever noticed that crack on your plastered wall that keeps growing anytime you stare at it? Well, don’t panic. Plasterer Newcastle will help you fix that. 


Our team of specialized plasterers guarantee that they will renew the lost shine on your walls. Additionally, we do gyprock polishing and installing new gyprock walls upon client request.


    About Plasterer Newcastle

    We use both local and imported material for our plastering work all across Australia and beyond. We major in different plasterboarding techniques depending on the material you want us to use on your wall. Our plasterboards are of versatile designs and will give your wall the exact feeling you envisioned.

    We have a top range of tools that will serve all your plaster wall repairs needs.

    Besides all that, we also help you transform your space and give it a whole fresh look by our wall rendering services. Are you bored with the current look and feel of your wall? Take the step and talk to us now.

    The Newcastle Memorial Walk

    Have you ever seen the Newcastle Memorial walk? This is an antique and spectacular structure with a fine touch of elegance and a blend of emotions. It serves as a memorial symbol for members of the community about the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli in 1915.

    This state-of-the-art building is on top of the Memorial Drive, and it sucked a whopping $4.5 million from the Australian government’s pockets. For the most part, they used stainless steel to make the walk. It has an eye-catching 450-meter tall cliff at its top. The 160-meter bridge at the top of the cliff has multicoloured illustrated outlines that mimic soldiers. On the outlines, there are names of families and community members that the memorial represents. Most importantly, compounded by well-lit cliffs and bridges, people can visit the memorial walk at night since it functions 24 hours. 

    Such structural finishing’s that our company can offer your business or residential premises. We do excellent steel framing anchoring, and our team is the go-to guys when you need plastering done on your steel surfaces. Contact us today.

    Nobbys Head and Breakwall

    Going by the previous name Coal Island, this island took 38 years to build. It is at the southern entrance of Newcastle, and it serves as a significant landmark. Over time, this place has seen major developments. For example, it has a picnic park, beautiful and well-structured buildings, a play area. There is also a cycling area among many other amenities.

    They designed the renowned island to offer a smooth pathway for the coastal ships that were docking in Newcastle.

    There is amazing art cast on plasters and stones around the island. The water body around is a spectacular view, and it offers the island a good ambience. Sadly, the key foundation stone that they laid on the island has since sunk below the water and sand levels. However, there is still some hope as the government can still recover it with time.

    Talking of beautiful ancient buildings, I believe you are on this page because you are looking for ideas on how to repair yours. You are so attached to it, and watching the walls crack as it wastes away breaks your heart. Plastering Newcastle has the most amazing and pocket-friendly renovation packages just for you and your business. 

    Picture by Plasterer Newcastle of the near by Beach
    Picture of Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW Clock Tower courtesy of Plasterer Newcastle
    Picture of a Newcastle Ferry

    About Newcastle

    Newcastle is in the Australian metropolitan area. Incidentally, this is the most populated region in the whole of Australia. This causes an influx of buildings erected each year as an attempt to keep up with the settlement demands.

    Going down the history lane, Newcastle does not major much in building and construction work? However, they engage in commercial activities that point towards construction. For instance, their main long-standing economic activities since days have been coal mining and steel manufacturing.

    The people of Newcastle not only major in coal production, but they engage in other commercial activities too. They do copper, soap, steel manufacturing alongside some little architectural and construction work. The steel companies have, however, faced a lot of economic challenges since time immemorial. At some point, they shut down the steel industries. This major action led to massive redundancy in the Australian metropolitan region.

    Newcastle mostly experiences a hot, humid climate. With such a climate, the perspiration rate is high, and this also affects buildings, making them require constant professional maintenance services. By the way, some buildings have never recovered from the massive 1989 earthquake. It destroyed a lot of infrastructures, injured scores, and killed some residents.

    We also provide plastering services in Lake Macquarie City.

    Blackbutt Reserve

    Back in 1938, they gave the New Castle County Council the land in which Blackbutt reserve sits. This magnificent place offers homes for most rescued animals. Many people frequent it when they go for picnics, and it also serves as a revenue generation pack for Newcastle. It has several amenities where people can book and stay in during camping or regularly planned staycations. 

    Continuously, the Newcastle County Council often does the renovation and improvement of this reserve.

    There is debatable evidence of the existence of a mine shaft around the reserved. Although it is missing in the areas’ blueprints and maps, nor is it mentioned anywhere, locals believe it must have existed. They make this assumption from the sighting of some mining rocks in the area while drilling for construction.

    Such old buildings require constant renovations. We do this to maintain the structures and form a basis of security in such areas where wild animals live. Having a strong-walled building ensures no animal can break into your premise and harm you during your visits to the park.

    Koala picture at Newcastle Blackbutt Reserve Newcastle
    Newcastle night view of the city

    The services our Plasterer Newcastle provide

    We offer a wide range of cost-efficient services. Our budget fits everyone. We work with speed to ensure we meet set deadlines. No need to worry, we have gained experience over the years, and speed does not affect our services’ quality.

    Among the services we offer are plastering suspended ceilings and creating you the design you want on your ceiling. We also have efficient tools that we use in doing plaster hole repairs. Our team use the recommended high-quality fillings to make the wall new again. We are also gurus in plasterboard wall installation and revamping.

    Plasterboard Repairs by Plasterer Newcastle

    When we talk of fragility, we are more likely to be defining plasterboards. Most of the time, we damage these when we are trying to fix things around our premises or when shifting furniture around. Apart from that, you may also notice your walls starting to develop cracks. This could either be because of using wrong ratios or just the normal wear and tear that occurs over time as the building settles.

    Our team will walk you through the repair process and get your wall to its pristine condition. We pride in using original filling material for wall patching and filling holes that have developed because of whichever cause. At Plasterer Newcastle will be present on the ground to identify the best material that matches the one on your structure.

    We offer extra services with our packages. For instance, while repairing cracks in walls, we also help you inspect your premise for any impending damage. We then advise you accordingly and offer suggestions that are long-lasting to the problem at hand.

    With a hole in walls repair, we not only focus on the hole but adjacent regions too. We will help you repair a square meter extra around the hole to eliminate the chances of leaving any weak spot.

    However, much financially strained you are, don’t try to do such repairs on your own. You may end up creating more damage to your walls. So, talk to us today and let us work a budget together.

    Residential plastering renovation painted in white

    Plasterer Newcastle: Cornice

    Imagine being in an office or a room with plain walls. How do you feel?
    Do you feel bored and unmotivated? Honestly, there is something about art and our moods. We are more likely to be happier in rooms that have good decorations and finishing.

    However, you cannot get a happy feeling if the cornice was installed incorrectly. Instead, looking up at it will just irk you and give you the unmotivated, bored feeling.

    Now that is why we are here. To do a quality job with making cornice plaster and prevent you from regrets of having wasted your precious money.

    We work with a group of interior designers who you can always talk to. They will show you the best design for different rooms in your house or office.

    Plasterer Newcastle repairing a gyprock wall

    Suspended Ceiling Services in Newcastle

    Prevention is better than cure. This is our sacred mantra when working on your suspended ceiling. We dread accidents at workplaces, most especially major ones that may result from the careless installation of ceilings on walls.

    Although rare, such accidents happen. And with our professional services at Plasterer Newcastle, we guarantee you of no such thing. We secure and reinforce our suspensions well. Should the inevitable happen, we will compensate you appropriately as per our emergency preparedness guidelines and the extent of the injuries you incur. We will come to the place of work adorning standard safety clothing to save you any unplanned emergency costs.

    Our team value your home organization and neatness, and while installing a bulkhead ceiling in your home, we ensure to tuck all the wiring. We advise on various designs of bulkhead ceilings and ensure you get your perfect fit. Get in touch with our customer care team or visit our gallery to see the various designs available.

    Plasterer Newcastle repairing a plasterboard false ceiling

    Plasterer Newcastle Wall Framing Services

    In construction, putting up a wall is the most critical part. The wall acts to offer the building its shape and marks boundaries for different sections of the house. For this part of the building, we require a lot of keenness and good calculation. Failure to get a measurement right will lead to your walls taking a weird angle.

    When you work with us, you get the best wall framing services across all Australia. Over the years they have known us to be the best. We have a variety of materials for both heavy frames and light frame plastering. Our company also majors in steel framing. Do you want your structure to take up a different construction material? Do you want to break the wood framing monotony and go the steel way? We source for the best steel around Australia and help you achieve that at a very reasonable budget.

    Our company can also be of service to you if you have an enormous room that you want to subdivide into various sections. We have a wide range of wall dividers you can pick from. These include mass timber, plywood, wood, and plasterboards. We have various qualities to fit any budget you are working with. Many people face challenges with the plastering of steel walls. Most of the time, clients don’t get the right work done. We have highly trained plasterers who solely major in this skill.

    Two Newcastle Plasterer installing a gyprock plasterboard wall on a metal framing

    Sagging Ceiling in Newcastle and The Hunter Region

    Over time, because of common wear and tear and the change in climate, you may notice discolouration on your ceiling. There may also be rodents and animals living up there. This poses a high life-threatening risk to either your household or your employees. Injuries sustained from a sagging ceiling are fatal or can have a permanent effect on your health.

    Repairing a ceiling after collapsing is also far much costlier than doing so when you first notice a small sag. You will need a professional to visit your premises and find out the reason for your ceiling sagging. When you choose us for this job, we will help save you money and protect you from any injuries when the ceiling sagged. Other services that we offer in line to that are ceiling tiling, plastering, and putting up suspended ceilings.

    We will also give you the best ceiling panels, advice and a versatile, highly durable material to put up one for you. Materials that most client’s request is drywall, plaster, wood, tiles, and metal.
    Depending on the type of your building, we will take you through our available material. We will advise you on the best fit for your space.

    Plasterer Newcastle repairing a crack on a gyprock plaster wall

    Contact one of our Plasterer Newcastle Expert

    Do you need renovations for those cracked walls in your premises, or do you need an immaculate finishing in your new construction? Are you wondering about the best material to go for in your building? Are you unsure of what will work and what will not work for you? If that is you, then Plasterer Newcastle has got your back. We will walk the building journey with you and offer you the best plastering services.


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